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Jimel Corzo on a Puerto bomb.

Local Puerto charger Jimel Corzo takes off on a screamer on Tuesday at Playa Zicatela. Contest organizers for the Puerto Escondido Cup confirmed they’re on yellow alert for a potential Monday start. Photo: NNM Project

The Inertia

Organizers behind the Puerto Escondido Cup have confirmed they’re watching a major swell set to light up Oaxaca like a Christmas tree with surf in the 15-22-foot range early next week. The event has officially been put on yellow alert with a possible start on Monday as esteemed invitees are likely anxiously packing their rhino chasers and booking flights to southern Mexico if they’re not there already.

The last few days have seen no shortage of swell at Playa Zicatela – for proof, just scroll through the recent Instagram posts by Surf Open League, the organization behind the event.

Earlier this month, the Puerto Escondido Cup became the subject of some controversy when details emerged about the discrepancy between the men’s and women’s prize purses and an effort launched by Bianca Valenti and Keala Kennelly to crowdfund the difference. It took just two days to meet their $9,000 goal.


As a result of the fundraiser, the Puerto Escondido Cup will now award men and women equal prize money.


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