The Inertia

“Can you build a surfboard out of Legos?” asks photographer Brad Jacobson at the top of his video. We’ve featured plenty of Brad’s work, but he recently delivered 30 minutes of uninterrupted surfing in Southern California. Evidently he’s now turned to designing torture implements. The answer to his question turns out to be, “Not really,” but you sure can cover a board in Legos and convince your buddy to go out and surf it.

In the video, posted to his YouTube channel, Jacobson uses hook and loop tape to attach a metric ton of Lego bricks to a Proctor board he had laying around the house. The result is a surprisingly aesthetically pleasing instrument of pain. Jacobson then takes the board to the Manhattan Beach pier to spring the creation on Travis Logie, an apprehensive but willing test pilot, who I can only assume is now a former friend.

Travis’ words out in the water echo the thoughts of any reader who saw this and has the experience of stepping on an errant Lego brick hidden in a carpet: “This was a terrible idea.”

The waves in Manhattan that day weren’t even particularly good, adding insult to literal injury. When Travis returns to the parking lot, he’s cold, unhappy, and covered in blood. “Everything was painful, carrying it, paddling on it, sitting on it, surfing on it,” he woefully remarks.


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