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The Inertia

The Florence brothers are a tour de force in the surfing world. John John, the world champ. Nate, the clowning around, big wave hellman. Ivan, the quiet and stylish one. All three incredible surfers in their own way, all three consistently drawing the eyes and interests of the surfing public.

Part of the reason they’re all so good at surfing is because they were lucky enough to grow up where they grew up. The North Shore of Oahu is a decent playground for a trio of blossoming surf prodigies, after all, and there’s no way to gain the comfort necessary to become the surfers that they are without starting out early. Pipeline, of course, is the wave most people see the Florence brothers surfing, but that’s just one of many on the Seven Mile Miracle. Just down the beach from Pipe sits Rocky Point, a little more user friendly of a wave and one that is, on its day, stupidly good.

John, Nate, and Ivan have surfed it a million and one times, so they know its ins and outs like they know the backs of their hands.

Like many of Nate’s videos, it takes a few minutes to get into the actual surfing part. Seven-ish in the case of this particular one. The rest is mostly cats and stickering boards. But once the surfing gets going, it’s a full-on super session.


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