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The Inertia

The whole surfers vs. spongers war is pretty dumb. Some of the gnarliest wave riders in the world have done it on their bellies–granted, there are million little kids splashing around on a WalMart special and getting in the way, but shit, there are a million people on surfboards doing the same thing. It all depends on what you do on the wave. A snake is still a snake whether they’re prone or standing, right?

No matter what I think, though, some surfers will always slag on spongers. That’s just the way it is. But slagging on sand sponging is pretty hard to do. Whether or not you’re one of those people that screams “DICK DRAGGER!” at the ten-year old in the neon yellow rash guard, it’s pretty hard to deny that sponging down a massive New Zealand sand dune looks ridiculously fun.


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