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The Inertia

Raising children is a different game these days than it used to be. Now it’s Adderall and video games, where before it was bourbon and ignoring. But not so in some cases. Shane Dorian’s hyper-talented boy, Jackson, is living life like one of Pan’s Lost Boys. He’s hunting and fishing and skateboarding and surfing and generally spending his time out from under a roof. It doesn’t hurt to have a dad like Shane and a home like Hawaii, of course. And having a dad like Shane and enough talent to land on the Billabong team on his own means that Jackson is getting an early classroom session about some of the most famous waves in Hawaii, which the Billabong house is in prime position for. Here are Jackson and Shane giving us a tour of the North Shore Billabong house. Oh, and if you’re so inclined, you can enter to win a trip for two to stay there by clicking here.


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