The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by our partners at Traveler Surf Club.

In the world of shaping, Rachel Lord is a bit of an anomaly. She started surfing late. And when it comes to crafting surfboards, she’s almost entirely self taught. Which is essentially unheard of.

“I was able to take ownership of my own process, not dependent on someone else’s approach,” Lord told us last year. “Women often find shaping through art, which leads to a diverse point of view.”

To wit, Lord’s studio background (sculpture, painting, and functional design) has impacted her boards’ aesthetic: they’re easy to recognize with eye-popping color designs.

“To be able to ride my art was conceptually so much more inspiring to me than something that just sits on a wall,” she says.

Traveler Surf Club is home to the Ventura, Calif.-based Lord Boards. Just a quick bike ride or walk and you’ve got a plethora of wave-riding options. Using the club has made it easy for Rachel to make – and test – boards. After surfing, she can warm up on the heated benches, take a hot shower, and head straight to the shop. For Rachel, and Lord Boards, life is pretty good.

Learn more about Traveler Surf Club, here. 


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