The Inertia

Sierra Kerr has just released her first official surf edit. The film, titled Pre-Kerrsor, released on YouTube on April 1st. In it, the young surfer once again proves why she’s one of the most exciting talents in women’s surfing.

While she may have been first known as the child of longtime CT veteran Josh Kerr, Sierra has already backed up her surfing pedigree many times over. In addition to numerous clips floating around online that showcase her explosive surfing, she’s also appeared in our own series Gen Up, highlighting up-and-coming talents in surfing. Meanwhile, on the competition side, she won the 2023 WSL Junior Tour in Oceanside and competed in the 2023 Vans Pipe Masters. However, though she’s been in the spotlight for a while now, especially for someone who’s only 17 years old, she’s really just getting started.

The footage in Pre-Kerrsor was captured in the last six months of 2023. In the 18-minute video, Kerr travels around the world, stopping by Western Australia, Indonesia, Australia, California and Tahiti. She’s also joined by a host of other young talents from the world of women’s surfing, including Caity Simmers, Molly Picklum, BettyLou Sakura Johnson and Kelia Gallina.

“This edit is very special to me,” said Kerr in the description of the video. “I have always wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps by filming a few edits. We scored some amazing waves and it was fun having a few of my friends a part of it. I hope you all like it!”


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