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Sierra Kerr is cut from a different cloth. She grew up traveling to the world’s best waves on the Championship Tour with her dad, Josh, one of surfing’s most well-rounded aerial savants. At just 16, Sierra’s surfing shows that influence. To know Josh is to know one of the most patient, and down-to-earth athletes ever. He’s not trying to rush Sierra like a hyper surf parent you might run into during the hundreds of weekend contests each year in Southern California. He wants her to live her life, go snowboarding, play golf, and even rugby. “Well rounded” is a term that applies to Sierra. Which is a good thing.

But, still, Sierra’s surfing instincts are otherworldly. Rail work, airs, finding the barrel, she just has a natural sense and seems destined for success on the CT. Her qualification is bound to happen. And like the rest of the surfing world, we’ll be stoked when it does. But Sierra’s a cool cat. And watching her freesurf and enjoy life has been pretty amazing, too.

That free-flowing personality shines in the video piece you see above. We featured Sierra as part of our Gen Up series, where The Inertia profiles the worlds’ most promising young athletes and sheds light into their lives, their families, and their futures.

“Getting a window into life with the Kerr family over a two-plus year period was inspiring,” said Director, Zach Weisberg. “The literal and figurative growth in that time span was mind-blowing. When we did our first shoot, she was fourteen. By the time we premiered the film, she was a licensed driver and dominating the conversation around the future of women’s surfing. Josh and (Sierra’s mom) Nikki couldn’t be more proud or supportive, and that’s definitely the type of energy we’re excited to share and celebrate. With the Kerr’s, the sky is the limit.”

We premiered Sierra’s piece at our EVOLVE event last September, and featured fellow super grom Caity Simmers the year before (watch that here). Caity has already fulfilled her promise and is changing the face of women’s surfing. Sierra is set to follow suit.

We’re releasing Sierra’s cut online for you to enjoy. And as a reminder, our next EVOLVE event is June 29th at the beautiful Rivian Theater (formerly the South Coast Theater) in Laguna Beach, California. The lineup is stacked including Blair Conklin, a skimboarding legend from Laguna Beach, as well as Jamie Anderson, arguably the greatest female competitive snowboarder of the modern era, and famed surfing scientist Cliff Kapono. All three will speak as we celebrate innovation and stewardship in the surf and outdoor worlds.

But for now, enjoy this short film with the incomparable Sierra Kerr.

Editor’s Note: For more information on EVOLVE, click here or go here to purchase tickets to what’s sure to be an unforgettable night. 

Director: Zach Weisberg
Producers: Joe Carberry, Zach Weisberg, Luke House
Cinematography: Nico Campagna, Miah Idema
Edit: Brayden Rudert
Music: The Aquadolls


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