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Surfing has changed a LOT in the last few years. Wave pools made their grand entrance — although they’ve been knocking on the door for years — and finless surfing threw its hat in the mainstream surfing ring. Brad Domke rode a skimboard at Puerto Escondido, surfing has moved inland… things are weird, right?

Koa Smith (generally a guy who surfs with fins, and sometimes a guy who surfs on reality television) hooked up with Blair Conklin (generally a guy who surfs without fins) to go skimboarding in Waco, Texas. The BSR Resort (a place that generally doesn’t have brain-eating amoebas in it but did once) is, according to the Skid Kids, “every surfer’s favorite spot in Texas!”

They spent a full eight hours in the pool, and the video you see above is just half of it. No matter what you think about wave pools, having steady waves for a full eight-hour-day is… awesome.


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