With over 400 kilometers of coastline between the country’s nine islands and an ideal location in the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa features plenty of world-class quality waves to develop elite surfers. Photo: SSA

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The Samoa Surfriders Association (SSA) has just become the International Surfing Association’s (ISA), 103rd member. The Surfrider’s Association of Samoa was formalized in 2012 and is recognized by Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee. Their goal is to promote and advance the sport of surfing in the country, especially in young and up coming surfers, something the International Surfing Association can help with.

“We look forward to helping the Samoa Surfriders Association access the benefits of being an ISA member, such as scholarship awards for junior surfers, Olympic Solidarity support for athletes and coaches, participation in ISA World Championships across all disciplines,” International Surfing Association President, Fernando Aguerre said.

Samoans have been training and competing in Oceania events to improve the performance and standard of young surfers, but now they have a different challenge.

“Now these talented Samoans are able to compete against the world’s best, which was just a dream before, but now is a reality,” President of the Samoa Surfriders Association, Keith Martin said.


They aren’t wasting any time either. The SSA is planning to field a team to participate in the ISA’s first ever World Championship of surfing, where they will send three Samoan surfers to compete in Hyuga, Japan from September 23- October 1. Participation in these events will expose young Samoans to competing against the best surfers in the world, they will learn from watching one another, and gain knowledgeable experience for future competition. In addition, the ISA also had their first ever Olympic Solidarity supported course held in Fiji, which set a new standard for surf instruction and coaching in the region. Three Samoan surf instructors took part in this event, bringing hope to the success of Samoa, Fiji and, Vanuatu’s regions. The SSA hopes to hold their own Olympic Solidarity supported course in 2018.

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