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The Inertia

Yeah, Strider. The Rumble at the Ranch, the co-ed surfing exhibition in glorious Lemoore, California this weekend, certainly had its moments. And none finer than Strider Wasilewski smoothly calling out the King after scoring a 3.5, essentially ending his run with teammate Sage Erickson in the truncated format.

I think I have it blocked right so you can see it at the 2:55:25 mark, above, but, if not, the sideline commentator, most often seen scurrying away from set waves with a mic on his back (or coining inventive food-related surf jargon), drops a pointed ribbing as only a friend can: “Are we gonna have to perform the maneuver on ya?”

Kelly asks for it again, perhaps having not heard the jest.


“The Heimlich,” says Strider. “Looked like you were choking a little.”

Strider was able to slyly burn the GOAT’s hair because they have history. And it was only for charity this time. Wonder how that’d go over with a world title on the line?

Kelly then says something about not being able to get a six on the left. Sure.

Strider scores a 10 for the broadcast team without stepping off the ski.

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