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Anna Gudauskas Sagebrush Bags

Sagebrush makes boardbags out of vintage fabric and recycled coffee bags. Photo: Sagebrush Board Bags.

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It’s no secret that surfing is a male-dominated sport. And as such, it can be difficult to find gear that is specifically designed with women in mind. But over the past decade, more companies owned by women have popped up. Here, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite companies started by the fairer sex and a favorite piece of gear from each.

Akktive shorts

Akktive makes high performance women’s boardshorts. Photo: Akktive.


Akktive is a recent venture from Big Wave World Champion Keala Kennelly. The company’s core products are high-performance boardshorts designed specifically for women, made with high-quality super-stretch material for maximum performance. They also look good, with a perfect-length cut for ladies, but with Keala at the helm, the focus is on performance, of course. Gear We Love: High Performance Women’s Boardshort.

Sagebrush surfboard bag

Each Sagebrush bag is unique and made with recycled materials. Photo: Sagebrush Bags

Sagebrush Bags

Founded by professional freesurfer Anna Gudauskas in 2014, Sagebrush offers a collection of sustainably made surfboard bags. Designed with the environment in mind, the bags are crafted with coffee bags from organic, fair trade coffee roasters and remnant or vintage fabric, meaning limited runs of each print. Designed and hand-sewn in Southern California, bags are offered in a variety of sizes, from 5’6”-10’ and are built to withstand whatever adventure you throw at ’em. In addition to bags, Sagebrush offers changing ponchos, masks, and hats. Gear We Love: 9’ Bloom.

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SENSI Crop Top

SENSI Crop Top. Photo: Sensi Graves Swim.

Sensi Graves Swim

As a professional kiteboarder, Sensi Graves knows the importance of a stay-put swimsuit. In 2012, she founded Sensi Graves Swim with the mission of designing swimwear that is not only fashionable but highly functional as well. The line of swimwear includes bikinis, one-pieces, crop tops, leggings, and skorts that accommodate a wide range of body types. In an effort to be as eco conscious as possible, Sensi Grave suits are made from recycled fabrics, are packed in compostable bags, and one percent of sales are donated to environmental groups. Designed for “women who rip,” Sensi Graves swimsuits stay securely in place, regardless of the adventure. Gear We Love: Crop Top.

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Seea Hermosa one piece

Seea Hermosa One-Piece. Photo: Seea.


Seea was founded in 2011 when Amanda Chinchelli became frustrated that suits geared towards female surfers didn’t consider form or function. To combat traditional swimwear blues, she designed suits specifically catered towards women, valuing the elegance, athleticism, and aesthetic of surfing. The goal was to provide women with a suit that connected them to themselves, their community, and the planet. In order to be as eco-friendly as possible, all Seea’s suits are manufactured within a 70-mile radius of the brand’s headquarters, and they incorporate the latest recycled materials into both the swimwear and apparel line. Today, Seea’s line of surfwear includes surf suits, bikinis, one-pieces, rashguards, and wetsuits. Gear We Love: Hermosa One Piece.

Salt Gypsy Mid Tide

The Mid Tide from Salt Gypsy is a midlength surfboard with female-focused dimensions. Photo: Salt Gypsy.

Salt Gypsy

Danielle Clayton founded Salt Gypsy in 2012 with the goal of promoting sustainability and women in surfing. The women’s surf lifestyle company is all about celebrating female surf athleticism, diversity, and style in the lineup. Offerings include surf tops, bottoms, and one pieces, all ethically made from recycled and regenerated materials. In addition to surfwear and clothing, Salt Gypsy’s surfboard line was designed for the everyday female surfer. The Salt Gypsy quiver includes a twin fin, a hybrid mid-length, and single-fin log, so they can be ridden in a variety conditions. Gear We Love: The Mid Tide.

September The Line Bikini

Photo: September The Line

September the Line

The inspiration for September the Line came when designer Erika Seiko Togashi grew frustrated by the lack of timeless, elegant, and sustainable surf and swimwear. She set out to a create a simple suit that was feminine, stayed in place while surfing, and was made from sustainable materials. Sustainability is at the core of the brand, and as such their suits are made from regenerated nylon and recycled fishing nets. Additionally, the suits are made in small batches, the swing tags are made from 100 percent recycled card paper, and everything is packaged in a compostable bag. Featuring a variety of bikinis and one pieces in a neutral color palette, September the Line’s swimsuits can be worn all year long. Gear We Love: Eden Top.

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Kassia Surf Malibu

Kassia’s eco-conscious wetsuits come in a variety of cuts and thicknesses for surfing all over the world. Photo: Kassia Surf

Kassia + Surf

Founded in 2015 by professional longboarder Kassia Meador, Kassia + Surf was established to create functional wetsuits, accessories, and lifestyle gear with minimal impact on the planet. The brand focuses on quality over quantity, working towards sustainable solutions while simultaneously pushing the limits of women’s surf culture, lifestyle, and design. In addition to sustainably made wetsuits and surf suits, Kassia + Surf offers a wetsuit recycling program in partnership with Suga to create recycled yoga mats out of old wetsuits and neoprene scraps — customers are offered a discount on their next purchase after turning in a wetsuit. Designed specifically with the female body in mind, Kassia’s suits hug in all the right places while keeping you toasty warm. Gear We Love: Yamamoto Limestone Not So Long Jane.

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