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My name is Spencer Barnes and I am an ocean photographer from Cronulla, Sydney, Australia. Sometimes, when I come in from a swim and I see the best few shots that were captured, I can get pretty stoked and happy with them at the time. However, when I see them at a later date, I’m sometimes not satisfied with any of them. There is almost always a slight flaw in a photo that just irritates me every time I see it. It’s that irritation that fuels me to take photos every day in search of the perfect image.

I plan to be a professional photographer within surfing for either a magazine or another brand, traveling the world and shooting amazing locations. I don’t want to do it to be rich or famous, but rather to have fun doing what I love – shooting as well as surfing. I don’t really know why I take photos, but it started one day when the waves were really good. After surfing for several hours, I simply was surfed out, so I picked up my dad’s old Canon and started to shoot my friends. Before I knew it, I was addicted and shooting every day. I learned more and more, and I soon realized this was what I wanted to do with my life. My favorite place to shoot is Cape Solander aka Ours.

Enjoy my images and check out more on my Instagram: @spencerbarnesphoto

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