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It’s a song as old as time in the surfing world: surfer cuts off surfer, SUPer cuts off surfer, foiler cuts off surfer, or all of the above find themselves at a break where locals aren’t very welcoming to outsiders. Chaos ensues. Case in point at Fort Point, San Francisco this week, where a video posted to the Bay Area Kiteboarding group on Facebook shows a surfer absolutely destroying a foil board that washed ashore just below the Golden Gate Bridge.

According to the comment section in the group, the foiler was apparently using a boat to tow into the low-quality wave (mostly) when the board washed ashore. We posted video a couple of weeks ago of wing foiling and someone tow surfing behind a boat at the novelty wave (the boat towing is not recommended). Crissy Field, a popular windsports launch, is just around the corner from the wave at Fort Point. This surfer had apparently had it with the tow foiling, which doesn’t really make his destroying the foil board any less barbaric. Whoever owns that board is going to need some serious ding repair.

We will update this story as more information becomes available. 


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