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The Inertia

As a general rule, avoiding sharks while surfing is a good idea. Not because you’re going to get eaten, but because it’s just a good idea to let wildlife be wildlife. But sometimes, you find yourself in a situation that requires something that might not be the best idea.

That was the case when a group of surfers found a juvenile great white shark stranded in the rocks in Vic Bay, SA. “My friends and I came out of the water after a morning surf and we noticed a baby shark struggling by the rocks,” writes Joshua Farrer, who posted the video above on Youtube. “A group of us headed down to see what we could do to help the shark with the help of the lifeguards that came along.”

The shark’s rescuers tried in vain for a while to get the shark reoriented and back out to sea, but the rocks and the waves proved too much for the tired animal. They made a quick decision to put the shark on a surfboard and take it to a better location. “We eventually got the shark back out to sea and saw it swim away,” Farrer wrote.


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