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Wassell vs Tk

In one sense, the now deleted video exchange after a drop-in incident in Tahiti is the runaway winner for most absurd surfing incident of the year. In another, it was a novel form of arguing that neatly displayed two opinions and let the public weigh in. Even if it was a bit silly, it was refreshingly frank. It also cemented Dave Wassel’s reputation as the most compelling screen presence in surfing – give that man a reality tv show. Just keep him away from the filet knives.


It wasn’t that he criticized Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira publicly for their exploits at Nazaré, it was how he criticized them that left a lingering bad taste in the mouth. If he’s still got some fire left, he should be out catching gigantic waves along side them. If not, he should transition into a more senior, big wave grandpappy role. Either way, he is an immensely valuable character. Embittered blow-hard, however, is a role that does not suit him at all.


Bad Haircuts

Asymmetrical is just another word for uneven, which is just another word for fucked up. I know it makes people appear “artsy” but there are other ways to do that, like, oh, I don’t know, studying art, reading, drawing something at a higher level than a primary school student… these are just suggestions. At this point, the only thing asymmetry in your follicles really denotes is pretense.

Shark Culling


Have you ever noticed that when poor fishermen are guilty of hurting the environment by doing things like shark finning, surfers go bananas, but when a politician, or even better, other surfers suggest a shark cull, they remain silent? It’s easy to support the environment when it’s convenient for you.

Extremitization, or The Red Bull Effect

Have you noticed things getting crazier? The waves are bigger, the risks greater, the athletes more willing than ever to pitch themselves into dangerous situations to make a name for themselves. Over the last year, action sports in general, and surfing in particular, have seen a ratcheting up of the stakes. Some of this is simply progression, but it walks the fine line between moving forward and descending into the fetid idiocy of pure spectacle. Personally, I don’t care if no one ever rides a hundred foot wave or gets barreled at Pipeline on a pool toy. I just want people to have fun.

Drug Testing

What testing?

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