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The Inertia

We’ve all been there: a set rolls in, the first wave blocking your view of what’s behind. Do you go for the first one or wait and see what the ones behind it look like? And if you wait, do you go on the second or see what the third looks like? It’s a tough call, no matter where you are, but when you’re at Uluwatu, it’s an even tougher one. There, you can get the wave of your life. Also there, you can get mowed down in a violent manner. That’s what happens to the surfer in the opening scene in the video above.

It was June 11. The second day of a good swell. Just like June 10, the Racetrack section was the best and most consistent, but as anyone who’s surfed Uluwatu knows, that outside section can be mighty tempting. As the afternoon wore on and the tide dropped, the Track turned on. And we’ll bet that the guy in the opening scene still had a pretty dang memorable day.


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