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Taylor Knox health of mind and body.

The body follows the mind, according to Taylor Knox. Photo: YouTube//Screenshot

The Inertia

For almost two decades, Taylor Knox was one of the most powerful surfers in the world. From 1993 until his retirement from the Championship Tour in 2012, Knox made a name for himself as the epitome of the term “power surfer.”

He was an early adopter of the surfing/fitness movement, hitting the gym when many of his competitors were partying. Knox is still a firm believer in having strength of mind and body, and it’s interesting how the pursuit of those shapes his days.

His fitness level is made all the more impressive when one takes into consideration the fact that as a teenager, Knox battled (and defeated) a spine injury that threatened to paralyze him. The long journey of recovery taught him that the body isn’t the only thing that gets a person through pain — it’s the mind, too.

“If I was to let my body tell me what it could do after my surgery,” he says, “after my back surgery, I would have just given up.”

It’s an inspiring story that is still being written, but it’s a sure bet that the rest of the chapters of Knox’s life will still have pages filled with health advice — for both the mind and the body.


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