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Of course, great white sharks aren’t all blood-thirsty, man-eating monsters. In fact, they’re more curious than anything. However, statistics and science can’t take away from the fact that sharks do attack people, often fatally. That’s why it would be absolutely terrifying to be in this guy’s position. Anyone would be. That is, unless you’re Mark Healy or Kimi Werner.

This surfer’s run-in with the ocean’s greatest predator at Manly Beach, Australia was handled perfectly. He kept calm, never lost sight of the shark, and paddled in when the time was right.

Great white shark sightings around the Northern Beaches of Sydney aren’t exactly uncommon. However, the last fatal shark attack that occurred here was in 1936. So if you ever come face-to-face with a great white, keep calm and remember how this man handled himself in this video. It could save your life.


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