Coffin's surfing is a throwback to the days when surfing was a different beast–big, powerful turns on big, powerful waves.

Conner Coffin + that rail game = Yes.

The Inertia

Let’s face it, making turns is why we put up with all the paddling, lineup politics, and occasional wipeouts. In spite of this, I see so many surfers who work hard to learn surfing, get fit, start catching a lot of waves, and then proceed to make the most basic mistake with their turns.

Surf turns basic mistake #1: Your turns will suck if you are not flexible, no matter how fit you are

Do the below drill to find out if you are flexible enough and then practice to stretch your lower body for better turns.

The goblet squat stretch drill:  

To help master this and track your progress, I created a simple cheat sheet. It includes this drill and four others that will build your foundation for powerful turns.

Do the drill in this sequence:

-Stand in a shoulder width stance.
-Push your butt backward with your back arched.
-Lean forward with your upper body.
-Lower your body to a deep squat position (as like you learned during the assessment).
-Place your elbows in between your knees – push them outward.
-Keep your back straight / push your chest forward.
-Place your arm next to your ears ( creating a V shape).
-Stand back up to the starting position.

Where you should feel your body working:

-The middle of your thighs, hips, glutes, and lower/upper back.

When you are in the bottom position, pause for two seconds and make sure that…

-you have your full feet on the ground (heels on the ground too).
-pressure is on the outer soles.
-knees are pushed outward by your hands.
-shoulders are rolled back.
-back/spine is straight.

If you have the correct form in the bottom position and can stand up and finish the drill, you have the basic flexibility needed for turns. Simply repeat the above in the morning for at least three days to start feeling the effects of it during your next surf session.

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