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Buell Wetsuits Founder Ryan Buell has been building wetsuits for ages. Long before Buell Wetsuits existed and long before I had ever touched neoprene, Ryan managed a factory for Hotline Wetsuits where he also did a good chunk of their wetsuit design and artwork.

Inspired by the grungy surf vibes of Santa Cruz and hip hop culture, (he’s also a skillful rapper and moonlights as MC Buell), Buell was more focused on landing big airs and nailing surf videos than winning contests. In that spirit, Buell started making his pals boldly-colored, superhero-themed suits that started making regular appearances on the front pages of magazines and contest podiums like the first Titans of Mavericks contest in 1999.

Buell’s “bold wetsuits, punk rock” vibes have picked up steam with notables like Sage Erickson and Jamie O’Brien joining the Buell family in recent years. Watch the full video above for more details on MC Buell’s journey with Buell Wetsuits.

For an exclusive interview with MC Buell and our own ME (Master of Editing) Joe Carberry on The Inertia Podcast, click here.


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