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7: Justin Housman

J.housJustin signed on with EOS in 2010 as a kind of apprentice, I guess you’d call it. Smart and eager, tons of writing skill, some surf knowledge. But he wasn’t from SoCal, didn’t know a soul in the industry, which gave him roughly 0.00003% chance of finding even a shitty next-to-the-bathroom seat at the surf media table. Said he’d help with EOS for nothing. An offer I couldn’t refuse. Right away, Justin picked up on the house writing style, and he ended up first-drafting almost all of the newer pages. He was point man for the 2011 Kickstarter project. He never once, not even for a second, not even when I was fetal and sobbing at whatever latest setback had befallen, lost a drop of enthusiasm. Justin is now an EOS partner. I will handcuff myself to his ankle before letting him go work somewhere else. You hear that, Brendon?

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