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The Gold Coast is officially a World Surfing Reserve

The Gold Coast is officially a World Surfing Reserve. Photo: Save the Waves/Sean Scott

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World Surfing Reserves are good things. Not just for the waves they protect, but for everything around them. Up until a few days ago, there were seven of them around the world. Now there are eight. The Saves The Waves Coalition has approved the Australia’s Gold Coast as the newest World Surfing Reserve.

Back in 2009, Save The Waves Coalition and National Surfing Reserves partnered to create the WSR initiative, “proactively identifying, designating, and preserving outstanding waves, surf zones and their surrounding environments.” Like I said, good things.

The Gold Coast joins the ranks of Malibu, Ericeira, Manly beach, Santa Cruz, Huanchaco, Bahia Todos Santos, and Punta de Lobos. While the formal dedication won’t actually happen until next year, all the red tape has been waded through and the title is officially in place.

“This year we received three extraordinarily high quality applications from Gold Coast, Australia, Guarda do Embáo, Brazil and Noosa, Australia,” said Save The Waves Coalition’s Executive Director, Nik Strong- Cvetich in a press release. “Each applicant was highly unique, however the Gold Coast’s combination of perfect point breaks and world champions was a deciding factor in winning the approval for 2016.”


It’s been a long road to designate the 16 kilometer stretch of perfection as a World Surfing Reserve. For two years, locals fought to have the nomination accepted, and during the Global Wave Conference in London, their hard work paid off.

“The decision would help preserve the world-renowned beaches and the surrounding environment,” said Queensland Environment Minister Dr. Steven Miles. “I’m disappointed for Noosa, but it is terrific news and great recognition for everyone who worked so hard to have the Gold Coast beaches declared a surfing reserve. It was one of our election commitments to work with Gold Coast City Council and the community to help achieve this, which is great news for the region and the environment.”






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