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The Inertia

Art, music, and surfing. All three things are closely intertwined. Depending on your view of surfing, the term “art”, in fact, could encapsulate the other two. For whatever reason, surfing has always attracted artsy types. Musicians, weirdos, freaks.

Those grubby longhairs of the ’70s that your grandparents despised. Now that surfing is fully embedded in the mainstream (oh, it is, as much as the brands don’t want you to think so), the fringes of society have integrated and being a weirdo is a good thing. It always was, but only in the last few decades has it really been appreciated and embraced.

Enter Conner Coffin, Mason Ho, and Tom Curren. Weirdos, musicians, marchers to their own drum beat. They lost the track of the beaten path so long ago that they’re in uncharted territory, and people who stray from the beaten path show everyone on the beaten path that the beaten path isn’t the only option.

And there is, perhaps, no other town on Earth that embraced the weirdos and freaks more than San Francisco. The Golden City is a perfect setting for Rip Curl‘s newest Search film. Curren, Coffin, and Ho wander the streets with their instruments in one hand and their surfboards in the other.


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