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The Inertia

People often like to try new things while surfing. New tricks, new equipment, new waves. River waves, pool waves, boogie boards, longboards, foilboards… you name it. It’s not often we see something new in the world of surfing. But this is new.

“This is likely the weirdest video we have posted yet,” wrote Blair Conklin on his YouTube page, Skid Kids. “When @thisismov first approached me with the idea to mount handlebars on a skimboard, I immediately laughed. I thought it would be a waste to drill holes into a perfectly good skimboard.”

But soon, the idea germinated. It grew a little leaf in the Blair’s brain. “I realized that I had a prototype ExileSkimboards that would be perfect for the idea. The board was made out of a cork material and never went into production because of durability concerns.”

And thus, the Scooter Skim was born. We’re not sure it’ll catch on… but it looks kinda fun.


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