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The Inertia

Surf trips are a funny thing, aren’t they? The waves, of course, are the icing, but even the best icing isn’t as good unless the cake is delicious, too. The cake, in the case of the surf trip, is… well, everything else. It’s the search. It’s the endless anticipation of what’s around the next headland. It’s the friends, the beach fires under the stars, those times spent just staring out the car window at a landscape that’s speeding by. To cite an old cliché, “it’s the journey, not the destination.” And a good surf trip is just that: a wonderful journey. There’s no end point, just a constant chase for good times, topped off by a bit of icing in the form of waves.

The Way Home, Vaer‘s third film project, tells one such story. It follows renowned surf filmmaker Elli Thor, who calls Iceland home, as he heads into the northern part of the country to disconnect from regular life and reconnect with real life.

Iceland might not be the first place you think of when you think of a surf trip, but rest assured, the waves there get really, really good. Like I said, though, really good waves aren’t necessary for a great surf trip. Discovery, however, is. The simple act of looking, regardless of what you may find.


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