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The new Hawaii headquarters. Very close to the best margarita ever.

The new Hawaii headquarters. Very close to the best margarita ever.

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Anyone that’s been to the North Shore knows the North Shore Marketplace. It’s the home of Cholos, purveyor of the best Cadillac margarita in the world and location of my older brother’s bachelor party, and Banzai Sushi, home of the second best poke bowl in the area. Now, it’s also home to the World Surf League.

For 40 years, pro surfing has never had a headquarters in Hawaii, which always seemed a little weird. They are, after all, the governing body for professional surfing, so a headquarters right in the thick of things makes sense.

The new offices are almost 2,000 square feet and sit above Sterman Realty, which, I assume, has something to do with Eric Sterman, one of the North Shore’s best aerial videographers.

As well as serving as the WSL’s Hawaii operations center, the space will also be home to WSL Hawaii’s non-profit, the Hawaii Youth Surfing Development Organization.


“WSL Hawaii provides far more than world-class surfing competition,” said Jodi Wilmott, General Manager of WSL Hawaii/Tahiti Nui. “Through local job creation, economic stimulus, youth career training, and global media distribution, we are a staple of our community year-round. Our WSL Hawaii headquarters will be the heartbeat behind those efforts. Hawaiian surfers and professional surfing have been delivering visibility and economic value to Hawaii for 40 years, so we are thrilled to finally have a location for our members and community.”



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