The Inertia

This short film was created by award-winning filmmaker Kev L. Smith. It features counselor/therapist Lisa O’Reilly, occupational therapist Alison Derham, Surf school manager Liz Quinn, and doctor/GP Marese Mannion – four Irish women who all choose to live and work in one of the furthermost reaches of Europe. Why do they do it? Simply to pursue their love of surfing.

It is entitled ‘This Wild and Precious Life’ and it is dedicated to all such souls.

Stay Salty.

“We choose to live on the Atlantic’s edge.
To work and to play on one of the furthest reaches of Europe.
Our lives are shaped by the ocean.
Checking the ebb and flow of the tides against the daily commitments of work and life.
All this under a gunmetal gray sky that in an instant can turn a turquoise blue.
Cold water and raging winds, unforgiving yet a gift to be cherished, nourished and ultimately passed on.
It’s said there are two people in life.
Those who are drawn to the land and those who are drawn to the sea.
For both, the urge is inexplicable.
It’s an instinct.
A calling.
It’s part of your make-up.
It’s who you are and who you want to be.
This compulsion is difficult at best to ignore.
We’re all passing through this Wild and Precious Life.
And for now, we have chosen our path.”

Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland (Photo credit Kev L. Smith)


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