The Inertia

When I first moved to Oahu, all I wanted to do was photograph shortboarding. Airs, turns, and barrels were all I cared about.

It wasn’t until about a year ago that my passion for shooting longboarding was unlocked. I remember watching Toots glide for the first time, I remember Keliz Moniz’ perfect positioning and graceful walks to the nose, and of course, I can’t forget the Waikiki “grom squad.” The beauty, the effortlessness, and the gravity-defying noserides enthralled me, and my lens has been locked on it all ever since.

This collection really captures my style and focus perfectly. Like all photographers, I want to capture a moment in time — freeze it for that split second the shutter opens and closes. Recently, my attention has really shifted towards the Waikiki groms. They are incredibly talented and I really hope to help bring longboarding closer to the main stage.

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