Photographer / Filmmaker / Drone Producer / Co-Founder, Máquina Voadora

The Inertia

This is the beginning of a documentary series featuring surfer and musician João Kopke as he explores all of Portugal. Over the next two years, Kopke will be finding not only Portugal’s best surf spots, but also its culture, the history, the food, and the people that call this place home.

Using an episodic format, Riding Portugal is an ambitious and creative approach to the travel documentary genre that’s going to be enjoyable to both surfers and non-surfers alike.

This first episode is set in the western region of Portugal, featuring Nazaré, Peniche and Ericeira, where Kopke meets people like big wave surfer David Langer in Nazaré and legendary shaper Nick Uricchio in Ericeira.

The Riding Portugal project is sponsored by TAP Air Portugal (Portugal’s largest airline), and it’s already screening in all of TAP’s flights and media platforms. Produced and edited by White Flag Productions in association with Máquina Voadora Produções, two main players in the Portuguese Surf Productions Scene.


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