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The Inertia

Have you ever seen a film that made you realize you had taken something you love for granted? FISH did just that to me. As somebody who rides a custom made fish almost every time I surf, I never really thought about the guys who pioneered that style, or why. Luckily, filmmaker Joseph Ryan did care. He cared so much so that he spent almost five years and all of his own money to make the film.

This is a film that looks at the origin and impact of the fish surfboard design, and then how it would influence the main stream surf culture 30 years later. Directed by Joseph Ryan, FISH features interviews with the shapers and pioneers who changed surfing forever.

Editor’s Note: You can catch a live screening of this brand new film along with a viewing of The Inertia’s very own own HI-5 at Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego at 7 pm (March 30). You can pre order your tickets here.

FISH: THE SURFBOARD DOCUMENTARY from Something Kreative Studios on Vimeo.


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