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Surf fighting. It's just science. Image: The Inertia

Surf fighting. It’s just science. Image: The Inertia

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Welcome to our second installment of Sick Graphs, where we illustrate unequivocal truths in surf, mountain, and outdoor sports.

I remember watching a guy loudly, aggressively threaten to knock another guy out a few years ago while surfing at Salt Creek. He was enforcing his own brew of tribal localism after a perceived affront, and he was excited to explain the rules. “How we behave ourselves ’round these parts.” I looked up at the Ritz Carlton on the cliff above us. Only $499 a night. The St. Regis down the street. A cool $739. The multi-million-dollar cliffside estates and the lush patch of green grass winding to the beach provided a nice texture to undermine any whiff of intimidation intended by the “local’s” physical gesturing. Which partly explains this graph – at least in how it applies to Southern California. It’s probably the most accurate graph to date when it comes to surf fights. Which are totally, irredeemably stupid. Always. Just shred and high five in the sunshine, fellas. Kumbaya!

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