The Inertia

Sometimes slowing something down can completely transform it. There’s Slow-Ass Jolene, a Dolly Parton remix that turns the country legend’s high-pitched vocals and ironically upbeat tempo into a brooding dirge. In an even more extreme case, it turns out that when you slow down a Justin Bieber song 800 percent, it basically turns into a Sigur Ros song.

On the other hand, when Mason Ho is captured in slow motion, he still can’t be anything but an absolute ripper. Slow-mo just gives us more frames per second to see him do it. Thanks to videographer Dave Fox, Ho & Pringle Productions dropped an edit that’s all about appreciating the smaller moments of every takeoff and carve. Ho’s surfing is like a fractal of excellence, the closer you get in, the more there is to see.


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