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You may not know his name but Jacob Kelly Quinlan has done a lot for people who ride waves. More specifically, Jacob Kelly Quinlan has done a lot for people who ride waves in the river. Jacob is a river surfer from Canada. And a really good dude. He’s hosted river surfing events to get the community involved, he organized North America’s first river surfing summit to bring people together to talk about building more waves for landlocked shredders. He even river surfed in Afghanistan simply to help unite a community, surfers or otherwise.

Thus is the setup for his new film, The Wave We Choose, a short vignette where Jacob artfully explains why he was obsessed with surfing as many waves as he did, and why he literally went to the ends of the Earth to do so. “If I can achieve my dream of surfing 100 river waves, there’s no doubt in my mind you can achieve your dreams too,” he says in the closing moments of the film. “It all starts with a leap of faith.”

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