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The Inertia

In 1978, at the helm of his 38-foot Off Sounding Trimaran, John Ritter stumbled upon what has become one of the world’s most famous waves: Cloudbreak. His penchant for exploration and discovery may have culminated in pioneering Thundercloud, but his exploits in the Pacific stemmed from years pushing further and further south into Baja in the 60s. Each time, says John, would require going around the next corner along the coast, and the next, and the next.

The short above is the prologue of a three-part virtual reality series called Nakuru Kuru that traces John Ritter’s life, travels, and, ultimately, his discovery of Cloudbreak.

In this chapter, “Awakening,” John revisits Baja and explains the changes he’s seen over the course of his travels. The ocean, he explains, is in need of protecting.

The remaining episodes of Nakuru Kuru documenting John Ritter’s discovery of Cloudbreak are currently in production. To learn more visit the project website at


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