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In case you haven’t been following, a month ago Jordy Smith went under the knife to repair his left knee. The surgery was apparently a nagging injury that Jordy had fought through. Unfortunately, he had to give up his coveted Olympic spot because of the surgery and one can only hope he can make it back to finish the WSL season, either in Mexico, Tahiti, or both. Jordy is currently sitting at number seven in the rankings and needs a solid finish in one or both contests to make the final five for the WSL Championship at Trestles in September.

Well, that nagging injury was caused by a specific wave and Jordy recently released footage of the barrel that blew up his knee.

“Been getting a lot of questions about how I got injured,” he wrote. “So I thought I would share the wave that it happened on. After pulling up a little higher in the barrel hoping the pump down would give me enough speed to make it out of the ‘doggy door’ I could only see the lip at the last minute and thought I might have a chance. Sometimes you got to risk it for the biscuit, haha. So I tried…. And then ended up with surgery, haha. Anyways, my rehab has been going extremely well. I am walking and have a bunch of range of motion.”

Mr. Smith promised to keep us informed of his progress. But that lip? Wow! The impact of that wave (with what looks to be at least a 12-foot face) proves that the power of the ocean can do serious damage. Jordy felt her full force and it sent him under the knife.


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