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Every year when the Rio event rolls onto the WCT schedule, the internet groans. “Uuuugh,” they groan. “UUUUUUGGGHH.”

They groan because, for the most part, the waves at the Rio event are junk. But you know what? The Oi Rio Pro is made exciting by Brazil. It is an exciting place, full of anger and lust and love and–to use the most overused word in surfing when describing Brazil and Brazilian surfers–passion.

There are, as you know, waves in Brazil. Very good ones. Without them, the Brazilian storm wouldn’t be much more than a very passionate bunch of average surfers. Because of the waves, though, they are a very passionate bunch of insanely good surfers, and (opinion ahead!) they are the future of competitive surfing. And guess what? Not only are the waves good, there are some that are downright terrifying.

For a few months now, a legitimate hellman named Igor Hossmann has been figuring out the best way to not die on Rio’s newly-discovered slab. Somehow, he convinced a few other equally hellish men, including Pedro Calado, Stephan Figueiredo, and Paulo Curi to join him in his quest to find out just how close one can come to drowning.


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