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Ryan Harris is a pioneer of eco-surfboard technology. With a zero-waste factory in Los Angeles, California, he continues to push the boundaries in functional craft that inspires better decision-making for the planet. This surfboard in particular is made from used masks (pretty gross, yes…health hazard prior to fiberglassing, perhaps?), used straws, and scrap carbon fiber.

Inspired by the vision of his industrious intern, Ford Roll, who was working part-time at Starbucks and fed up with the massive pile-up of waste, the team’s creation also became an official submission in Vissla’s Upcycle contest. Ryan and his label, Earth Technologies, are taking the project a step further by raffling the board off to benefit Vote the Ocean, a non-profit with the ocean’s interests at heart.

“We literally were upcycling as we went,” said Harris. “Basically, this whole board was made out of trash.  Once we got it into the water, and it worked, it performed, I was like, alright. Sick.”

“All of the funds raised through raffle ticket sales are matched by Red Bull, and the funds go to Vote the Ocean, which helps people get out and register to vote, regardless s of who they vote for,” said Harris. “Because the ocean doesn’t see red or blue.”

Enter to win before November 6 and have your donation matched by Red Bull. Get more information at


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