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Can you do this? Photo: Jeff Brynes

Can you do this? Photo: Jeff Byrnes

The Inertia

How’s your small wave game? Be honest. You’ve been out there on a 1-3 ft day paddling for bumps that roll right by, haven’t you? Or maybe you’ve air dropped into the shampoo spin cycle on a close out, “but it was the only head high wave in an hour.” How about keeping your speed up and linking turns when there’s not a lot of power underneath you? Small waves aren’t always easy, and sometimes they make us look downright foolish. So to step your skill level up on less than perfect waves, try these three exercises and see if they help you the next time you’re in the water.

air drops




For my own peace of mind, I must mention that these exercises are dynamic in nature and you should have a proper base of stability, strength and power before attempting them. Also, if you can’t do them with them with proper form take some time to build that base and come back to them.

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