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The Inertia

Arguing about surfing seems like a strange thing to do, doesn’t it? Surfing, after all, is floating in that rarified air of something that, for most of us, exists for the sole reason of enjoyment. It’s a bunch of people playing in the ocean, sliding around on top of the water in either a scrap of fabric or a rubber super hero suit. But, since we’re humans, surfing has become serious business. Surfing is angry locals and head-scratching over a liter of difference in volume in that new board. It’s fin tests and surf heats and scoring and jerseys and fantasy leagues. Oh, it’s all just wonderful, because sometimes, for some people, serious IS fun.

You know that old saying “the best surfer is the one having the most fun”? It’s clearly supposed to mean that surfing is only meant to be fun, and therefore the best surfer isn’t the one with the most trophies, but the one who has the biggest smile. But here’s a theory: someone like Kelly Slater clearly thinks that winning is enjoyable. He might even think it’s fun. A lot of fun. So if Kelly Slater thinks that winning a surf contest is really, really fun — fun enough that he is having more fun than anyone else — perhaps he’s both the most winningest surfer AND the surfer having the most fun.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. The World Surf League created a little show called Getting Heated, and it’s Mick Fanning, Dave Prodan, and Ross Williams digitally scrapping over the minutiae of surf. Discussing the trivialities that come along with a super serious not-so-serious sport. Included in this installment is a conversation (heated, of course) about the (hopefully) up-coming WSL Finals at Lower Trestles this September, some healthy back-and-forth banter about wave pools, and a debate about the number of surfers on tour. Oh, and Tom Curren dropped by for one of those slightly awkward yet always awesome Tom Curren talks.

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