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The Inertia

Long before surfing became what it is today, it was a different beast. It was a little rougher, a little more outside the box. It was something that the fringes did. It had a hint of anarchy wrapped in it. Now, of course, it’s a “sport” and a “lifestyle” that is bought and sold as such. It’s worth remembering, though, that it doesn’t matter how it’s marketed: surfing will always be exactly what you make it. You want a feral surf trip where you shit in a hole and spear your own fish? You can do that. You want a surf trip where you surf a man-made wave and have an acai bowl served to you afterwards? You can do that, too. But Travis Potter is a man whose tastes lean towards the feral trips.

He’s known as a man who loves the tube more than most, and he’s known as a man who will do just about whatever it takes for the vision. While most people just sit at their desk jobs and dream about spending their whole lives chasing barrels, Potter actually does it. He’s spent years exploring Indonesian tubes well before they were as well known as they are now, and he has seen some shit, to say the least. He’s a good example of a person who has been led by the nose by his passion. He simply looks at life differently than most. His version of success isn’t a good job that pays well. Instead, it’s just having enough money to do the things that he wants to do — and that’s probably something we should all be doing more of.


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