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Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas are missing in Mexico.

Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas are missing in Mexico.

The Inertia

After a pair of surfers failed to arrive in Guadalajara, Mexico, friends and family are concerned for their safety. Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, two friends from Western Australia, were traveling by van in search of waves when they disappeared.

Lucas and Coleman are from Golden Bay, a suburb of Perth. According to reports, they had “solid plans and reservations” to be in Guadalajara by November 21st. They’ve been classified as missing people by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Josie Cox, a friend of the missing pair, has taken to social media in an effort to find them. “The last confirmed siting [sic] was disembarking the ferry from Cabo to Topolobampa on Friday 20th November at 10 pm,” she wrote on Facebook. “They were supposed to drive to Guadalajara after this, and never arrived.”

It has also been reported that Coleman’s phone is being used by someone else, but details surrounding the missing pair are sketchy. As of November 28th, the Cox’s most recent update revealed there might be new information on their whereabouts. “We’d like to update everyone to announce we have had some distressing developments which we have not yet had confirmed,” she wrote. “We would appreciate any updates on information if you know anyone that has any, but ask that the Lucas and Coleman family have some privacy at this time. Once we have confirmed news, we will update everyone ASAP.”

Authorities are also searching for the blue and white Chevy van the pair was traveling in.

The pair is thought to be traveling in a white and blue Chevy van.


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