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Tyler Wright surfing

Tyler Wright won’t be able to make it to Brazil in time for the Oi Rio Pro. Photo: WSL

The Inertia

Tyler Wright hasn’t had an easy run of events, and according to her recent Instagram post, her luck isn’t changing. She announced recently that she will be missing the Oi Rio Pro in Brazil because of a visa issue.

“Devastated to let everyone know that due to a transit visa not coming through in the specified time,” she wrote, “I am unable to make it to Brazil.”

Wright and her team did, of course, look into any and all other available options to get to Brazil on time, but apparently it’s an impossibility.



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“All other alternative options were extensively looked into, however the current travel climate meant it was impossible for me to arrive in time for the contest,” she continued. “Absolutely gutted, so much work went into getting me ready for Brazil with my team. Absorbing this and we keep moving forward.”

After a solid start to the year, the two-time world champion contracted COVID-19 at G-Land and had to sit out of the El Salvador event, as well. She dropped to sixth place in the ratings, and missing out on another event will make things tough for her, to say the least. The next event is at J-Bay, though, and if there ever was a wave that suits her surfing, it’s the famous right in South Africa.



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