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The Inertia

Back in the ’70s, Bali wasn’t the tourist hotspot it is today. Perfect waves rolled through unridden all over the place, seen only by a handful of people or maybe no one at all. Lineups weren’t crowded the way they are today, and people like Gerry Lopez took full advantage. Now, of course, waves like Uluwatu are often speckled with plenty of hopeful surfers, but every now and then we can get a glimpse back in time. And over the weekend, we got one such glimpse.

“It felt like a throwback to the ’70s with a single fin contest being held at Uluwatu over the weekend,” Surfers of Bali wrote. “Just a handful of surfers in the water, single fin boards and a solid groomed swell — this is what the lineup probably looked like in the early days of surfing here in Bali.”


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