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The Inertia

We can all admit that Italo Ferreira let his emotions get the best of him yesterday (it happens) after losing a grindy heat against Conner Coffin. Conner got the score he needed in the final seconds. Controversy was rampant: did Mr. Coffin get over-scored on his wave? Should Italo’s air have counted after he got taken out by the foam? The answer is maybe and probably not. We’re not entirely sure on either but the heat was the most emotional of the day as Italo gave his board a friendly love tap after the loss, which unceremoniously ended the board’s life. You can see the replay at the 1:31:00 mark, below.

What does this all prove? That these surfers are under an incredible amount of pressure. For tour leaders, every heat is paramount to keeping the yellow jersey with a host of surfers vying to make the WSL Final early on in 2021. For those hoping to stay on tour, each heat made is the difference between staying on and getting paid, or going home and possibly finding a new occupation. Shit is serious!

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