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Wave pools are officially here, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Judging from the success of Surf Snowdonia in the U.K.–despite a few hiccups causing temporary closures in the first few months–surfing will no longer be stuck to the coast. And, with any luck, that will dilute the crowds… something that Australia desperately needs. And with a recent proposal, they just might get it.

The Wave Park Group and MJA Studio are in talks about turning a stadium in Western Australia into a massive wave pool. The Domain Stadium in Perth is not a small one. The Subiaco Oval, in fact, has the largest capacity in all of Western Australia.

“Our vision is to create an inclusive urban landmark where residents and guests experience life changing moments, have clean fun, get fit and feel connected through a shared passion of respect for each other and the planet,” said representatives in a press release.

Using Wavegarden technology, the Subi Surf Park has the potential to draw somewhere around 300,000 people every year, not only attracting tourism to the area, but hopefully lightening the load in already crowded lineups.

“Subi Surf Park will deliver the highest quality man-made waves on the planet,” said representatives, “and the most authentic surfing experience for new and existing surfers of all ages, experience and ability.”

Much like Surf Snowdonia, Subi Surf park would be much more than just a wave pool. Including restaurants, bars, cafes, 200 apartments, a huge market, bars, restaurants, and, perhaps most importantly, a home for the West Australian Football Hall of Fame.

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