Photographer / Videographer

The Inertia

Surfing doesn’t have its own made-for-television gameshow. Maybe it should. So here’s one for you, with everything you need to know about the game itself right in the title: Did They Make It? 

Watch as we make our guests watch footage of their local friends, pausing each clip at a critical moment on a wave: a steep take off, the first frame when pulling into a tube, or the moment their fins release off the top, and so on. Well, did they make it? Did they make it out of the barrel? Stick the airdrop? Dodge that guy getting sucked over the falls? Everybody is teamed up in pairs but must answer independently. As you’d guess, the reactions to wipeouts and the elation when somebody finishes off the wave of the day is as entertaining (and relatable) as anything else.

Editor’s Note: Catch more from Civic Couch on YouTube here.


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