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Machu Picchu Energy x John John Florence

John John isn’t one to back any old brand. So why Machu Picchu? Photo: Machu Picchu Energy//Parallel Sea.

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This article is brought to you by Machu Picchu Energy.

To say that John John Florence has clout in our little world of surfing is putting it lightly. Whether it’s a wave, a board design, or a new company, everything he touches seems to attract eyes. So when he announced a partnership with a previously unheard-of energy drink, eyebrows were raised.

That energy drink is Machu Picchu, and they want to change the way the world perceives energy drinks by providing a healthier option with all-natural caffeine, healthy ingredients, and category-leading taste – and create a positive world impact to boot.

John John Florence Machu Picchu Bike

Tuning up, and fueling up with the Ginger Peach Machu Picchu. Photo: John John Florence//Parallel Sea.

“It’s really important to me to be aligned with the brands and products I use,” says John John. “Most importantly, Machu Picchu has shown a dedication and willingness to give back to the communities they’re a part of around the world. Helping kids get outdoors and giving them opportunities to thrive is amazing, and I’m really proud to be aligned with them in the effort!”

That’s a large part of what drew John to the company in the first place. In addition to their work teaching socially conscious entrepreneurship in underserved U.S. public schools, those closest to his heart are Machu Picchu’s partnerships with NGOs working to better the lives of children in urban slums such as Alto Peru in Lima and Favela Radical in Rio di Janeiro, Brazil. These organizations provide safe spaces for kids and teach them to connect with the outdoors through surfing and other activities.

John has found a special connection with that side of the brand, using his platform as an athlete to provide kids with an inspiring role model. At the Rio Pro last month, John was going to meet and surf with the kids of Favela Radical, but due to his recent injury, the plan fell short. Instead, the kids made John a “get well soon” video, above. “Thank you all!!” John commented on the post. “That was a great video, I appreciate the wishes. I’ll be back soon. Get some waves for me!”

That being said, there’s far more to Machu Picchu than its social initiatives alone. The brand’s line of classic energy drinks and lighter-caffeinated seltzers taste great and are made with all-natural caffeine from green coffee beans balanced with organic maca, an ancient Peruvian superfood. (Pro tip: try the Pineapple Blueberry or John John’s favorite, Blood Orange Seltzer.)

There’s currently six flavors in total, available on Amazon, GoPuff, and more. The Elevate 120 energy drink line has Classic, Pineapple Mango, and two no-sugar options – Ginger Peach, and Pineapple Blueberry – while the Refresh 40 line of energy seltzers (sparkling water with a 40 milligram caffeine kick, a bit of flavor, and no sugar) offers Lemon Lime and Blood Orange flavors.

John John and Machu Picchu

Recharging with a Pineapple Mango. Photo: Machu Picchu Energy//Parallel Sea.

“I’ve been drinking the blood orange almost every afternoon between activities,” John John said via Instagram. “I usually have a little caffeine when we’re nonstop, and it’s nice to feel good about what I’m drinking. Proud to be partnered with Machu Picchu, creating organic energy drinks with natural caffeine and more focus on health and community.”

Follow Machu Picchu on Instagram and Facebook for more info or give it a try here using code INERTIA15 for 15 percent off your first order.


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