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The Inertia

Who is JOB is one of my favourite web series. Not for the surfing–honestly, I’m quickly bored to tears by most of them. Not Who is JOB, though. It’s partly the surfing, but it’s mostly Poopies. Think about it for a second. By most standards, he’s a pretty average surfer, but he’s hucking himself onto waves like Jaws and Pipeline with almost no regard for his life. Well, a bit of regard–he’s just always convinced to ignore whatever bit of regard he has.

In this episode, they travel to Vancouver Island, which is where I grew up. It’s a beautiful place; one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. They do a bunch of shit there: surfing in Tofino, where the world’s most likeable surfer and Tofitian Noah Cohen joins them, lake surfing (where they happened to come upon a flaming log), and cliff jumping on mountain bikes with Darren Berrecloth. Who, incidentally, is friends with a few of my friends. I have it on good authority that someone pissed in his jar of pickles a few years ago.  Don’t tell him! I don’t think he knows!



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