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The perfect surf mobile? Photo: Aventon

The Inertia

E-bikes are exploding in popularity around the world, but among surfers, they’ve hit a special note. What better way to get to the surf and back than with the breeze in your hair, board by your side, fresh legs when you arrive, and nary a fear of parking to be had?

All that and more is the promise of the e-bike to surfers and beach-goers. But with an explosion in popularity comes an explosion in options, and there are plenty of e-bikes on the market that simply don’t fulfill a surfer’s needs, or fit their lifestyle.

The Aventon Aventure e-bike fulfills these needs and more. A powerful, all-terrain e-bike with beach-cruiser styling, there’s a whole lot to love about Aventon’s offering to the surf-mobile category. And despite all the awesome features, it clocks in at an affordable (in e-bike terms) price of $1,999. Let’s take a closer look.

Aventon Aventure Zeke

Loaded up for a quick surf session. Photo: Aventon

What Makes the Aventure a Good E-bike for Surfing?

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to a good surf e-bike than just the battery. The biggest dealbreaker is often the tires. Surfing means beaches, and beaches means sand. And no matter how powerful that e-bike motor is, without some solid fat tires, you won’t be going anywhere. Four-inch fat tires are pretty standard for adventure-ready e-bikes, and the Aventure is no exception. These tires let it take on sand with ease, as well as gnarly trails, even snow should you find yourself in the mountains.

Besides the tires, a powerful, brushless rear-hub motor keeps things running smoothly, and can reach up to 28 miles per hour on the road, landing it in the Class 3 e-bike category. However, since paths and trails sometimes restrict the classes of e-bikes allowed on them, the Aventure features an adjustable top speed, allowing you to switch between Class 2 and Class 3. Unplug the handy throttle, and all of a sudden it’s a Class 1 e-bike.

Aventon Aventure Step Through

The Aventure Step-Through brings a more user-friendly frame to the table. Photo: Aventon

However, all that power is no good without a solid battery to back it, and the removable 720Wh battery doesn’t disappoint with a 45-mile average range, more than enough to get you down to the water and back, around town, and then some.

Additional features that round out the near-perfect surf e-bike package include a rugged front suspension fork, built-in fenders to ensure you don’t cover yourself in sand on your trip down the beach, and front and rear lights for visibility at night. The Aventure comes in both regular Step-Over and Step-Through configurations, Step-Over providing more stability and versatility, while the Step-Through configuration is great for heavy loads or those with limited mobility. You can learn more about the pros and cons of Step-Over and Step-Through bikes here.

Another great option from Aventon is the Sinch ST, which packs the same 4″ tires into a smaller, foldable frame that can be stowed in the back of a car, or tucked away into the corner of a garage or city apartment.

Aventon Aventure racks

All kitted out with front and rear racks on the Aventure. Photo: Aventon

How to Accessorize Your Aventure for Surfing and the Beach

No e-bike surf mobile is complete without a solid surfboard rack, so we’d suggest you start there. There are lots of options on the market, but Aventon recommends the Moved By Bikes Payload for shortboards and MBB’s Longboard Rack for longboards (duh), and we’d find it hard to disagree.

With lights and fenders already taken care of, next up is wetsuit/beach gear storage, where the Aventure Front Rack and Aventure Rear Rack come through in spades. Tailor-made for the Aventure, these racks attach easily, and can haul a lot of gear through the sand. Baskets and bike bags can also help maximize your gear-hauling potential.

The Aventure is also a great option for families, with enough power to safely haul kids to and from the beach in a bike trailer or on a bike seat.

Aventon Aventure family hauler

Paired with a trailer, the Aventure makes the perfect family hauler. Photo: Aventon

“The Aventure is the perfect family carrier and gear hauler for transport to and from the beach with the Thule Chariot – especially if you have toddlers or babies that can’t bike themselves yet!” says The Inertia‘s Mark Sawyer-Chu. “The e-bike has a ton of power, but is safe for the kids, too.”

Aventon is currently offering the Aventure with a Pick your Promo deal: Either take $300 off with code “Aventure300” or get a free extra battery with code “FreeBattery.” With either one, you’re scoring an amazing deal on one of the best surf e-bikes in the biz.


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